WiFi Help & FAQ

IMPORTANT! WEATHER NOTICE: During Spring, Summer & Fall months we have been known to have Thunder and Lightning Storms. We recommend turning off and unplugging all electronic devices during a storm event. Failure to unplug your electronic devices may result in permanent unrepairable damage to your electronic devices. Big Pines RV Park is not responsible for damages due to weather conditions.

Big Pines RV Park WiFi HELP:

How to login to the Big Pines RV Park WiFi system:

  • If you are a Registered Guest and haven’t received your login information, come to the office and ask for your WiFi User Name and Password.
  • You may see other SSID’s on the WiFi System, do not use them to logon as they are private.
  • When you are connected to the “Big Pines” WiFi SSID, open your browser and go to a website. A login form should open to login to the Internet. (Some systems automatically open the browser login page or the login form, eliminating the need to open your browser to login).
  • Please read the Big Pines RV Park Terms & Conditions of Use.
  • Enter your User Login Name (user names are all lowercase and your Password Number, then click the “OK” button.
  • That’s it, you should be logged onto “Big Pines” WiFi and ready to surf the Internet.


  • Q. Do I really need to read the “Terms & Conditions of Use”?
    A.Yes. The Terms & Conditions of Use explains your’s as well as our Rights and Responsibilities including the Acceptable Use Policy and Do’s and Don’ts regarding the Big Pines RV Park WiFi system.
  • Q. Why do I see other WiFi SSID signals?
    A. The signals you are seeing are other users in the Park or nearby devices. Please do not use them as they are private
  • Q. My User Name and Password does not seem to be working?
    A. Please check to make sure you are typing in the correct information. User Names are all lowercase. Make sure your “Caps Lock” on the keyboard is turned off before typing your information.
  • Q. My Cell Phone, Tablet or Wireless Device cannot connect or logon, I lose the connection before I can enter my login info?
    A. If you are using an after market App for WiFi such as “WiFi Now” turn it off and use the WiFi App that came Pre-Installed on your phone or computer. Some after market WiFi Apps do not work well with WiFi Hot Spots that require a Web Page Login. If you don’t have another WiFi App, you may need to use your Cell Phone Data Connection to find an App that will work. Big Pines RV Park has no control over the Apps on your device.
  • Q. My Networking Center is asking if this is a Home, Public or Work Network?
    A. This is a “Public” Network. Even though we require you to use a login to gain access to the Internet, you are sharing this connection with everyone in the RV Park. Its like using WiFi at the Airport or Starbucks. They are publicly shared network systems. Read the Networking information on your device before making your selection. The discission is solely up to the user as to which Network you should use. Big Pines RV Park is not responsabile for your selection.
  • Q. The WiFi service is running very slow and I can’t surf the Internet. It takes forever for a web page to load. Why?
    A. The Big Pines RV Park WiFi service is a shared system. The service is shared by all occupants of the RV Park. If many people are online at the same time, the service may be slow at times depending on time of day and, the number of users on the system.
  • Q. Can I Do Online Gaming, Watch Movies, Netflix or Listen to Music on the WiFi System?
    A. No, Watching Movies, Netflix or Listening to Music on the WiFi. These activities require the use of too much bandwidth and slow the entire WiFi system down interfering with everyone’s use. Please be considerate of other users while using our WiFi System. Big Pines RV Park provides Television hookups at each campsite (excluding tent sites). Please watch TV using the TV hookup at your campsite in the Green Tower Box next to your trailer or camper. We do not provide Television Devices.
  • Q. What Good is your WiFi System if I can’t Play Games, Watch Movies and Listen to Music?
    A. The WiFi System is intended for Residence & Campers the ability to keep in touch with Family, Friends and Loved One’s
    Via Email and for surfing the Internet. Yes you can surf the Internet and even watch an occasional You Tube video as long as they are 1 or 2 minute Videos and as long as you are not continually running You Tube videos non-stop. Please read the Terms of Use for a complete list of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
  • Q. I need Technical Help with my Wireless Device, Computer, Cell Phone, Tablet or other Device can you help me?
    A. Technically no. We are not Certified Technicians.
  • Q. Where can I get Technical Help?
    A. There is a computer shop approximately 2 miles North of Big Pines RV Park in the Gilchrist Mall.

If you require further assistance, contact the RV Park Manager on Duty or the RV Park Host.

Do’s & Don’ts of our WiFi System:

DO’s: Things you Can Do on the our WiFi system.

  1. Read the WiFi Terms & Conditions of Use
  2. You can Check Email (Yahoo, MSN, Gmail + Others)
  3. You can Surf the Internet
  4. View Short Videos (up to 2 or 3 minutes but not continuously)

DON’TS: Things you Cannot Do on Big Pines RV Park WiFi system.

  1. No Online Gaming
  2. No Streaming Video
  3. No Streaming Music
  4. No Streaming Audio
  5. No Watching Movies, NetFlix or Other
  6. No Hosting A Web Server
  7. No IRC servers
  8. No Chat Programs
  9. No Video Chat of any kind
  10. Including any other high volume data transfer server activity